Poolside Landscaping & Paver Walkways


October 9, 2018


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Poolside Landscaping & Paver Walkways

Poolside Landscaping & Paver Walkways

Project Description

This project was completed in Galveston around their existing pool.  They had major drainage issues that needed corrected, but also wanted to remove all existing grass from the backyard.  We added a combination of pavers, flagstone, and blackstar gravel with a 4″ PVC drain system running underneath all the way to the street.  All downspouts from the gutters are tied into the drain system as well as (4) newly installed area drains.  We completely re-designed the landscape beds around the pool, retrofitted the existing irrigation system to fit our design, and added many species of tropical plants to fill in the gaps.

Pool Landscaping Redesign
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Custom Poolside Design And Patio
Custom Poolside Landscaping Designs
Poolside Walkway