Why You Should Plant In Spring

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March 8, 2019



Spring Season Is Here!

The absolute best time of year for planting new flower gardens is upon us! Plants begin to grow in the Springtime because the weather is optimal for plant growth. Here at Beck Landscaping, we can offer help with planting your flower gardens. Our expert landscapers and gardeners can help you get the best looking garden in town! Here are five reasons why you should plant in Spring.

1- Frequent Showers

Plants need to be watered often to grow healthy and strong. In League City, Texas, we experience more frequent light showers this time of year which are perfect for plants. Of course in the summertime, we water plants more often to make up for the scorching heat. This just isn’t as necessary in the Spring since mother nature takes care of that for us. The moisture in the soil allows seeds to begin growing faster, and roots have plenty of water to absorb. Too much water can drown a plant and make them droopy. That is why the perfect amount of rainfall makes such a big difference.

2- Ideal Sunlight

Daylight Savings time is over and that means longer days with more hours of sunlight. Daylight and warmth that are ideal to support growth in plants. The sun staying in the sky longer raises the temperature of both the air and the soil, allowing for the plant to continue growing for longer each day.

3- Avoid Planting During the Winter

While there are plants that can thrive when planted during the winter months, most of them don’t do well in our part of Texas. Avoid planting new plants during winter months, especially varieties that are known to survive poorly in the cold. If you are waiting for the perfect time to plant, the Spring is your best bet.

4- Seeds Germinate Naturally In The Spring

Seed planting is always best done in the Spring. Seeds will naturally germinate this time of year in the wild. This is also the time where trees will begin growing new leaves after the Fall shed. The Fall shed is simply when trees lose their leaves during the Fall. The season was named Spring because all the plants seem to “spring” back to life.

5- Critters and Creatures

The Springtime is when helpful insects and birds are most active. The birds and the bees do so much to help plants spread their seeds and pollinate. Another reason why you should plant in the Spring! Beck Landscaping can help with any landscape and gardening jobs that you might have! This Spring is the perfect time for you to hire Beck Landscaping to help with your garden. Contact Us today to get started!