Custom Landscape Designs for 2019

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January 23, 2019



It’s still winter in Houston, but it won’t be for too much longer! Are you ready for Spring and your new custom landscape design? Here at Beck Landscaping LLC, we work with our clients to ensure that their landscape design grows and evolves with them as the seasons change, and as the years pass. Each year, we study the newest gardening and horticultural trends, and couple them with the client’s personal preferences to ensure a truly custom landscape design each time. Here are some of the top landscaping trends to look for during 2019.

Focal Points

Custom landscape designs often have a center focal point in the design, but moving into 2019, the focus is shifting to more imaginative and creative focal points. Instead of focusing on a beautiful bed of perfectly maintained mums, try thinking outside of the box more. Fountains are often popular choices, but you can even take a classic car shell, painting it up and make it look like new, and use it for the focal point for your custom landscape designs. If you have an idea, your Beck Landscaping team will be willing to try and work it into your design! If you can imagine it, we just might be able to make it a reality.



Usually, when people thinking about the sustainability of their garden or landscape, they’re worried about the lifetime of the plants, and how difficult it will be to care for them. While that’s an important part of sustainability too, people often overlook caring for the soil that you’re planting in as well, not just the plants. For 2019, more professional landscapers, and even just gardening enthusiasts, sustainability is key. Make sure your new design has the irrigation it needs to be able to keep the soil and plants healthy, plant perennials that attract bees, birds, and butterflies to your yard, place birdhouses in your trees, and just ensure your yard is thriving in anyway it can. A healthy yard is a happy one.

Staycation Spots

Life today is always on the go. It never seems to slow down, and finding time off to go somewhere to unwind is no easy task. in 2019, expect to see more and more people investing in comfort areas in their own yard, or little ‘staycation’ spot. Not only  outdoor living area help you to relax and unwind, it can also perfect place to host friends and family. rom outdoor kitchen patios, outdoor fireplaces, pool houses, and ore, Beck Landscaping LLC can include  staycation spot in your custom landscape designs.

Edible Landscapes

Just about any plant can be eaten (if you survive eating a plant is a different story), and 2019 landscaping trends are poised to bring edible plants back into gardens and landscaping in a big way. Yes, incorporating regular fruits and vegetables into  your design is an option, but a very obvious one. When planning your custom landscape designs with the Beck Landscaping team, ask about edible plants that can be working into your design, like pansies. Not only do the flowers come in a number of beautiful colors, but the petals are slightly sweet as well, and taste amazing in salads.

Beck Landscaping Custom Landscape Designs

It’s still only January 2019, so we’re sure to see more custom landscape design trends roll, through as the year progresses. If you’re ready to get your garden and yard on trend, give us a call at Beck Landscaping today! We offer free consultations to all our clients. Contact us to schedule yours today!