Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

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January 12, 2019



5 Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

For a while now, the future of lighting has been LED lights. Compared to traditional lighting,┬áthe benefits of LED lighting are obvious, and since they can be used in lighting homes and businesses, signs, cars, landscaping, and just about anything else you can think of, it’s no wonder they’re so popular. Recently, though, people have started to really discover LED lighting in their landscape designs. Here at Beck Landscaping, we not only support LED lit landscaping, but we install LED lights in our own designs! Here are 5 amazing benefits of LED landscape lighting.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits of LED lights, no matter what you’re using them for, is the cost effectiveness of them. Not only are LED lights less expensive to make than traditional light bulbs, but they also last much longer as well. When you use LED lights in your landscaping design, your bulbs will last, on average, 50,000 hours! That’s 5.7 years of life before you have to replace your bulb. You power bill will see a dip too, after you make the switch to LED lights.


When you have LED lights, you have complete control over just where your light is going to shine. Since LED lights cast directional lighting, you can control where the light is going to shine, cutting down on light pollution! Don’t want bright lights from your yard shining into your bedroom windows? LED lights are the answer.


We’ve already talked about the extended lifespan of LED lights, but did you know they’re all around more durable as well? LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, aren’t covered in glass with a gas or a filament in the center. Unlike regular light bulbs, LEDs can withstand being dropped, knocked into, and even extreme temperature changes with little to no damage.

Pest Control

Everyone in the Greater Houston area knows that mosquitoes and other pests are a real problem in the warmer months. Lighted landscapes looks amazing, but they tend to attract the winged pests, and can make it difficult to enjoy your yard without being swarmed and eaten. Since LEDs don’t emit UV rays, they don’t attract insects the way regular bulbs do.

Added Protection

When you add LED lights to your landscape design, you can give your home a little extra security. A well light yard and home makes it that much more difficult for any potential intruders to enter without being seen by your neighbors. Not only that, but the LEDs will eliminate any shadowy areas that intruders could hide themselves in.

Beck Landscaping Installs LED Landscape Lighting

Here at Beck Landscaping, we understand the benefits of LED landscape lighting, and we recommend it to our customers. We can install a new lighting system in a brand new design, an existing landscape design, or we can even retrofit your existing halogen lights, too! If you’re ready to make to switch to LED lights, give the experts at Beck Landscaping a call for a quote.