Beautiful Houston Perennials to Brighten Your Yard

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December 29, 2018



Planning out your new garden or landscape project can be amazing. Seeing your vision come to life can be an amazing experience, but there’s a major factor to consider when you’re choosing your plants. Will the plants you’ve chosen be able to survive in Houston’s infamous climate? With a little help from the experts here at Beck Landscaping, LLC, we can help you pick out beautiful Houston Perennials that’ll thrive in your yard, year after year.

What are Perennials?

Here at Beck Landscaping, we often receive questions from our clients about the different types of plants, and their life cycle. Just what are the differences between Annuals, Perennials, and Biennials?


The term Annuals often confuses people when they’re first starting to learn more about plants. After all, it sounds like the would return each year, since they’re called Annuals. In reality, and Annual plant with reach it’s full life cycle in a year, die, and need to be replanted the following year.¬†Primroses, for example, are a popular annual flower in Houston.


Perennials, on the other hand, are more hardy than annuals, and even when they die, they come back the next year, without any need for seeding or replanting! One downside, though, is that while most perennials retain their leaves all year round, it can take a full year from planting to see your first blooms. One of the beautiful Houston Perennials we’ll talk about today is Foxglove.


Biennials and Perennials can be confused as well. Perennials take a full year to bloom, and so do Biennials. The first year is spent as a small cluster of leaves, before the plant flowers in the following year. Like Annuals, though, Biennials die following the finish of their life cycle, and have to be replanted the following year. Black-eyed Susans are a popular Biennial flower choice.

Beautiful Houston Perennials

If you’re looking to add a splash of beautiful color that keeps coming back to your yard, here are a few beautiful Houston Perennials.


Foxglove is a beautiful spike shaped plant, with tiny little bell flowers decorating it all the way down. They come in red, pink, yellow, and white. They’re a great way to break up your garden with some extra height.


Lillys are always a great way to add a little bit of classic beauty to your garden, and Daylillys are no exception. These beautiful Houston Perennials come in nearly any color imaginable, except for pure white and blue. If you’re looking to attract more butterflies to your garden, these are a great choice.

Garden Mum

Mums are a hugely popular Perennial choice here in Houston. They’re another flower that comes in just about any shade you can imagine, and you can also find varying sizes of the flowers to suit your preferences.

Mexican Petunia

Everyone is Houston has seen Mexican Petunias at least once (if not nearly everyday with how popular they are. These beautiful, fragile flowers are nearly the same shade of purple as lavender. They’re a great Houston perennials that simply thrives in the Houston Climate.

Beck Landscaping can Plan Your Beautiful Houston Perennials

Here at Beck Landscaping, we have years of experience with not only landscaping, but with picking the best plants to thrive in your yard and garden. With a little help from one of our design members, you can quickly have the garden or yard you want, complete with beautiful Houston Perennials.