5 Ways to Protect Your Plants this Winter

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December 19, 2018



Protect Your Plants This Winter

We’re usually pretty lucky when it comes to Winter, here in the greater Houston area. We hardly see below freezing temperatures, snow is more of a vague idea, and you’ll often see people running around in shorts and flip-flops around Christmas time. Every now and then, though, we do get cold fronts that roll through, and they can quickly damage your plants if you aren’t prepared for the cold. Here at Beck Landscaping, we’ve got the experience with helping others protect plants during winter, and we’re sharing 5 of our tips with you.

1- Protect Plants from Heavy Winds and Possible Frost

While we usually don’t see frost in our neck of the woods, cold temperatures, freezing winds, and the rare instance of frost can quickly kill plants that are left exposed. During the winter months, ensure plants are grouped more closely together, and if possible, placed away from possible winds, or protected otherwise.

2- Cover Plants Before Nightfall

The easiest solution to protecting plants in the winter is to simply cover them before night falls each day. You can use any type of cloth, turned over flower pots, or even milk jugs with the bottoms cut out to help protect your plants.

3- Avoid Planting During the Winter

While there are plants that can thrive when planted during the winter months, most of them don’t do well in our part of Texas. Avoid planting new plants during winter months, especially varieties that are known to survival poorly in the cold.

4- Water Plants Before a Freeze

It might sound crazy, and counterproductive, but watering your plant before a freeze can help with heat insulation; if you do it at the right time. If we haven’t seen rain in at least a day before it’s supposed to freeze over night, watering your plants root system can help allow your plants to better insulate themselves from the cold.

5- Bring Potted Plants Indoors

While it’s not always possible to bring all of your plants inside with you, to avoid the winter weather, it’s always a good idea to bring potted plants in from the cold. Not only is it easier to keep them alive in the warmth of your home, but most indoor plants aren’t equiped to handle freezing temperatures at all. It’s better safe than sorry, with your potted plants.

Here at Beck Landscaping, we try to ensure that our amazing clients have the information they need to be able to protect their plants in winter, and that why we’ve given you 5 of our easiest ways to protect your plants. If you’re dealing with delicate plants, or if your yard is too big to protect by yourself, give the experts at Beck Landscaping a call. We’ll help you protect your plants this winter.